What follows is a list of e-mail comments submitted to Atmosphere Entertainment about the monks and their wonderful work with dogs. While the monks themselves don't go in for such self-promotion, we could not resist ourselves (in the spirit of informing those of you who are newcomers) from posting this sincere collection of comments.

Feel free to express your feelings at the base of this page.

"I have enjoyed the videos and have learned a lot from them. I really respect ya'll for the great work. God bless."

John Dulaney, Lubbock, TX

"I have both your books and your video tape collection. I am currently reading "How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend" and have watched the first tape. I must say that the first tape has touched me deeply almost on a spiritual level! I am looking forward to finishing the material and am contemplating a trip to visit you. You seem to see what most others (even those in the dog world) don't. In Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's book "Dogs Never Lie About Love", there is a statement of George Graham Vest presented that touches me to the core and all of you might equally enjoy on page 51."

Douglas Allen, Aurora, IL

"I first read your books over 10 years ago and have recommended them to many friends. I'm now more serious than ever about training, and have my first registered dog that I'll compete with. Thanks so much for your work, and your inspiration. For me, a life without dogs would be hell. I thank God daily for his blessings!"

Toni M. Hutto, Raleigh, NC

"I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful. I have watched all of your videos and read your first book (the other is not available here yet). My dog Nikki just had puppies and I plan to use the videos instructions on socialization."

Jill Pike, St. John's NFLD

"Thank you for helping me see things through my dogs eyes. Your insights and expertise will help me develop a wonderful relationship with my puppy."

Jane Albrecht, via E-Mail

"My mom read your book, "How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend", and couldn't put it down! I think what you're doing with dogs is really great."

Jessica Sedivy, Richville, MN

"You have been suggested to me by a breeder for great info!!!"

Fenneke Carrier, Williamsburg, MI

"I am using your video to help me train a new Golden puppy. It works! Also, used your book to help me train Winston who was a real trial until I wore him much of the day as suggested in one of your books. He has turned out to be a wonderful companion. He now visits a nursing home with me once a week through a Pets Helping People Program. Thank you! Thank you!"

Fay Willey, Cincinnati, OH

"We love your work and peaceful approach to living with our dear friend. It reminds us much of raising our 2 boys under the Montessori tradition of love, mutual respect and unconditional acceptance. Thanks for being..."

Carol Matthews, Springfield, MO

"Just thank you for providing an excellent resource and answers to these questions!" Lisa Wenninger, Rye, NY

"Our dog died three weeks ago. In preparation for the adoption of a new puppy, I am reading your books." Ellen Schwartz, Ann Arbor, MI

"I have purchased your books and am very impressed with the advice and attitudes expressed. I wish every single person who wishes to have the companionship of a dog be required to study them!" Daryl Frame, Winnipeg, MB

"Have had 2 GSD's now. Lost our 4 year old last year. We love your books, videos and the philosophies in them. [We] have done our best to adopt them and to be consistent in our use of them." Ross & Jennifer Wagner, Waterloo, WI

"I've checked out and read your book "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend" and it has provided a valuable insight/resource in my relationships with my dogs." Paul Sadlik, McLean, VA

"I am using your "How to be Your Dog's Best Friend" with great success. I bought it after failing miserably in a fun match and it is helping me pinpoint my problems as a trainer." Lou Ann Temkin, Chicago, IL

"I saw your show on a local Education channel. I really liked seeing the great looking animals you raise. I also, appreciated the tips I received from the program. I hope to see more from you in the future." Chuck Klima, Phoenix, ZA

"I raised my dog according with your methods. He is the most calm dog I have ever scene. (my vet takes time out just to sit and hug him). I know this is due partly to his breed, but I also know a great deal of it is because of the wisdom of your research. Thank you." Jo Anne Getter, New London CT

"I own both of your books. I would not consider selling any of my dogs offspring to people who have not read and understand both texts. I bought both texts several weeks before I received my Rott puppy. My dog has grown to be the kindest, most well-mannered docile Rottweiller in town. We competed in Obedience training and trained in agility classes as well. Thanks for all of the wisdom offered in both of your books!" Dawn R. Barnett, Chapel Hill, NC

"I love the New Skete method of dog training. It has made [living with] my three [dogs] a new and happy experience." Janice Reed, LeGrand, IA

"Our breeder gave us a copy of "The Art of Raising a Puppy" when we bought our oldest German Shepherd from her. Although I've owned many shepherds in the past, I've never, ever come across a training method that worked so well. Between your books and formal obedience training, we ended up with a well behaved dog who is a beloved family member.

Using your methods, we've had two wonderful litters from Sheila and the experiences have been almost completely positive. The new owners of their pups still keep in touch with us to tell us how well the pup has settled into their families, how they are doing in obedience classes, how they are showing, etc. And each of our new owners took home copies of "The Art of Raising a Puppy" too.

We now have a new pup... A German import. Although she will be receiving specialized training in Germany next year, she's still being raised the New Skete way. We look forward to many happy years with her and some wonderful litters of healthy, happy, well socialized pups.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your experiences and knowledge with the dog owning public. You really have helped convert my husband. he was always a Catholic, but never really a "doggy person" until he read your books."

Janis Novak, Downers Grove, IL